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What Our Customers Say About Us

We have used Elite exclusively for our technology supply and service for over 10 years and have found them an excellent company to deal with. One of the main attractions to us is the fact that we can get the majority of our technology needs met in one place. They deal with our hardware, software and phone system, as well as our more technical items including our RF warehouse scanning and labelling system. The main advantage with having a 'one stop shop' concept is that it’s just one phone call/email and they sort the problem, whereas in the past we have had to call several places before getting a problem remedied. When our technology stops running our ability to do business stops, so Elite are a very important part of our business now and into the future. 

Russell Waterhouse
Managing Director
ESC, Hamilton

Since 2001 when Fairviews and Elite started working together, both of our companies have expanded significantly, and yet I still am just like one of the family at Elite.  I know that I have the support that is needed, people to bounce my many IT ideas off and over the years I have learnt a lot by working alongside the Elite Team.  The biggest advantage of working with Elite has been the simplicity of dealing with one company for everything to do with our communications, our IT and our cabling and network connections.  The atmosphere at Elite is particularly welcoming and a coffee is always ready and waiting!

Mary Enting
IT & Vehicle Systems Manager
Fairviews, Hamilton

Glenview Medical Centre has been working with Elite for over 18 years and the service has been consistently of a very high level.  Easy access to Elite's Service Co-ordinator makes all the difference and I know that if something goes wrong then Elite has our back.  There have been great benefits in having preventative maintenance carried out regularly by the Elite Engineers - this ensures that we keep ahead and avoid problems.  Their service is very reliable and of high value to Glenview Medical.

Sue Clausen
Practice Manager
Glenview Medical Centre