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Disaster Recovery

Your company's ability to conduct business in the event of a catastrophe is vital.  Disasters of any magnitude can cost businesses thousands of dollars, with one of the largest expenses being lost business. 

Elite's Disaster Recovery Plan and our team's expertise minimises disruption to your business with swift, reliable recovery of critical IT systems - ensuring business continuity in the event of a significant disastrous event.

Elite uses ShadowProtect, a backup and disaster recovery software trusted by IT professionals and Managed Service Providers worldwide to quickly and reliably back up, restore and migrate Windows desktops, notebooks and servers.

It is imperative that your business is able to anticipate and avoid risks.  Talk to us today about what is essential  for your business to successfully operate during an unforeseen calamity.  Have confidence knowing that business continuity risks are vigorously managed and that your business has the resilience necessary to ride out the storm.