Business Communication Solutions

Office communication options – including Vodafone Business Services, phone systems, online communication frameworks and more – to connect your staff, and customers.

Office Communication

Communication is key when it comes to your business’s success – both between staff and with customers – and can require a number of platforms, whether it’s voice, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables you to make calls via an internet connection) or a unified communications solution.

Elite offers an extensive business communication systems range, including Panasonic PABX, 3CX virtual or cloud PABX, Microsoft Office 365 (Teams and Exchange Online) and more. We provide simplified solutions to streamline office communications – which in turn increases productivity and future-proofs your business.

Integration with mobile phones also allows mobile users and remote workers to stay connected, even while on the move.

Vodafone Business Services

With flexible working increasingly becoming the norm, and business emails and other messages often sent from mobile devices, it is imperative that businesses have mobiles, and mobile plans, that are efficient, effective and integrated into business communication systems.

Elite is a Digital Mobile franchise and reseller of Vodafone Business Services, which we believe is the superior service for business given its robust network, cost effectiveness, number portability and service.

We can provide mobile handsets and plans complementary to your business communication systems – streamlining and simplifying communications. We are also able to keep you connected through Vodafone Fixed Line and Broadband.

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