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Supplying, supporting and servicing multifunction devices that suit your business.

Multifunction printers (MFPs) and devices – with support and servicing – to best suit your business.

If you require high quality and high-volume production at your fingertips – and can’t afford to have printers down for any period of time – look no further than Elite. We assess your business needs and requirements, provide the most suitable multifunction printers (MFPs), and support and service these devices to ensure you are always on the front foot.

Our products come complete with a number of innovative features to ensure documents maintain a modern, crisp and professional look – time after time.  At the same time, they remain intuitive and easy to use, ensuring documents are produced promptly, without compromising image quality.

Whether you need high-output black and white or outstanding colour graphic reproduction, we will have suitable options. Elite is a certified distributor and service agent for a number of brands including Toshiba, HP, Riso and Panasonic, which means we are focused on finding the best solution for you – rather than pushing one particular brand.

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