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Elite Business Systems operate as a trusted business dealer for 2degrees, boasting an established presence in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Auckland regions.

We are proud to have 2degrees as our business partner and know that their expertise will be an asset to each of our clients.

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Join thousands of Kiwis who, like you, reckon there’s a fairer way to sort out their mobile, broadband and business needs.

Business mobile

All plans come with Unlimited* calls and texts to NZ and Aussie. 100% Kiwi based call centre as always.

What you’ll love about our 2degrees Business Mobile plans:
  • Share data – Share a pool of data with multiple people on a team plan.

  • Use data across your devices – Manage multiple devices on a Business Choice plan.

  • Landline – Add a new or existing landline to your 2degrees account.

  • NZ call centre – Talk with a fellow Kiwi when you need a hand.

  • Aussie roaming – Business roaming in Aussie at no extra cost.

  • $8 Roaming – $8 Daily Business Roaming in over 100 destinations.
  • Carryover – Transfer unused data over to the next month for up to a year.

  • Voicemail – On all plans at no extra cost.

  • Hotspotting – To other devices at no extra cost.

  • WiFi Calling – Use your minutes to make calls over WiFi.

Enjoy the flexibility of no long-term contracts and the convenience of our dedicated business customer service teams. Talk to us today.

Business broadband

Support remote working, cloud based software and video calling with a Fibre Broadband plan. All looked after by the 2degrees 100% NZ based customer care team.

What you’ll love about our 2degrees Business Broadband offering:
  • Build foundations for online business – A fast and secure Fibre plan provides the foundation for remote working, cloud software and operating in a changing world.
  • Manage work remotely – Faster upload speeds make video calling while multitasking a reality.

  • More efficient operations – Run essential services like Eftpos, Salesforce and voice calling without delays.

  • Unique business-grade support – Receive immediate help from our NZ based customer care team with emergency mobile data at the ready.

  • Reliable video conferencing – Get clear video performance with fast upload speeds on our Smart Fibre 900 plan.

Take your business to the world with the best connection available at your location. Talk to us today.

Work from Home Fibre

Work from Home Fibre at speeds up to 100/100mbps

Delivering business grade broadband through a dedicated Fibre connection to employees’ homes, Work from Home Fibre does what it says on the tin – it’s fast and offers the capacity businesses need.

Plus, web-filtering is part of the package, you’ll have the option to switch on our web-filtering security add-on – a service that enables you to block sites known for phishing, malware and other security threats to work laptops or computers – for free, plus you can also choose to block streaming sites.

Upload speeds are up to 5X faster compared to our home broadband Standard Fibre 100 Plan – super important for things like video conferencing.

What you’ll love about our 2degrees Work from Home Fibre offering:
  • 5x upload speeds – Upload speeds are 5x faster compared to the Standard Home Unlimited Fibre 100 plan.

  • Secure web-filtering – Beef up your protection from digital threats coming in through vulnerable home connections.

  • Unlimited data – No data caps so no need to worry about running out or reduced speeds.

Add a dedicated business Fibre connection to keep your home broadband fast and safe. Talk to us today.

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